About Dreamers

My heart is an empty glass tonight,
spilled across worn tile,
quiet & maintained.
I pass through these days as a ghost might,
under the black umbrella of
silence i carry.
There is no touch.
Words are easy, familiar but disconnected.
Wind is ruthless.
Now you are so far away,
the illusions at rest
& still,
the ocean is roaring.
Somewhere- always somewhere,
that constant traitor. Mother of all.
i am still surprised
by all the barriers in life.
They are still sudden & misunderstood-
break through the soil,
eliminating the possibility of motion
like vines suffocating the once thriving trees.
We move in different worlds, sway in
we know.
it’s enough.
The world misunderstands but everything
is perfectly clear in moments we share,
tangled though they are.
i remind myself of the game of life
& find comfort, if only
My dreams are enough tonight.
i survive on love.
breathe it in deep,
vibrations buried within.
My heart is something i can’t seem
to control-
trying so hard
every single day
to paint myself into the self-portrait i long for.
still, life gets the best of me,
left with an empty bottle & bad back.
we are putting on masks,
revealing characters & taking
each other in
piece by piece.
tonight, i am a traveler of dreams.