Your Time Is Up

The night is worn thin from this viewpoint. the river dances still; down the hill, under the rumbling bridge cluttered with people separate in their own cyclical worlds & the city glimmers with two thousand diamond fake stars just beyond the dark tree line. we are watching this world happen from far away.
We are spectators in a world who has long since forgotten us.

i say i want to change the world & you say it’s something good in me. You don’t know what i’m thinking & i can see it in your eyes when you turn away. Words aren’t as strong with you. you want something more from me, something i have never been able to fully give before. in particular dreams i see myself exposed. you are the surgeon & i am your patient. your scalpel cuts through thin skin, inch by inch, careful & precise. blank sterile walls. the smell of death & life as well; it’s contradictory. my blood too is thin & you wipe it away with your sleeve. searching for my heart. peeling back flesh. broken bones & absent heart; i’ve pushed it deep inside.

you say you want more but i wasn’t prepared for this.